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Then & Now (locations). 2nd Series.

Above Left: This is Starobarska carsija, Stari Bar, a scene of utter desolation in 1929, and located between the towns of Gretva & Podgrad in Montenegro. Interestingly, the shop sign says "Junkovic M Nikola/ Kolonijalna radnja" (selling colonial merchandise, such as coffee, tea, sugar, spices etc.).
Below: three views completely transformed, and as the modern tourist would find it now. Photo Credit: Google.

Archive Image file ref: 03-31.

St. Andrew's Monastery, Matka Lake, Macedonia. Left: as in 1929.
Then, on the right, as seen in 2009. Credit: Lake Matka St Andrew Church . By Anjci.
Archive Image file ref: 02-93.

Above Left: The Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque in 1929, Mostar, Macedonia.
Archive Image file ref: 01-23.

Black Lake, Zabljak, Montenegro, in 1929.
Archive Image file ref: 01-15.

The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, better known just as the Rila Monastery, is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. Here we show two views from 1929. Notice the two small trees just above the black coated figure in the far right image. Possibly just planted as conifer saplings in 1929. Now, ninety years on, they are magnificent mature trees (far left of centre image).
Archive Image file refs: 01-39 & 01-40.

Here we see our travellers camping on the shore of the Black Lake, Zabljak, Montenegro in 1929. Their tent can clearly be seen under the trees, bottom right corner.
Right hand postcard image, an almost identical camera location, but in 1951. Notice the identical tree on the far right, the one with the bent branch
Archive Image file ref: 01-16

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