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Rediscovering the Lost Balkans of the Nineteen-Thirties.
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Bibliography & References

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Изгубените Балкани
През лятото на 2006 г. сред една разкаляна нива в Южнаа Анлия група хора се събира, за да разпродава всевъзможни неща от багажниците на колите си.

This book, relating the story of the Balkan Archive, is by Prof Randall Baker.
Published in 2017 in Bulgarian by the Sofia based publishing house: Ciela. 222 pp.
ISBN: 978-954-28-2468-8.
Note added 8th March 2020. It is with great sadness that we report the sudden death of Professor Randall Baker on March 4th 2020.

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